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thank you. for those of you who don't know, i had done the automatic signature on my iphone, e-mail and it said bermstein because of the key bad. we'll have a high around 51, 52 and 5:00 47 degrees. it's a small key pad and a small font. we have clear skies this morning. a couple of clouds in the mountains but we're doing well. just cold. 28 in luray and culpeper this morning. 25 in petersburg and 32 in prince frederick. 35 in prince frederick. 32 in bowie from our weather watchers with 41 on the bay. this afternoon bright sunshine, north winds around 10 miles an hour with highs upper 40s to low 50s. monika, over to you. >> thank you, mr. bermstein. no matter who you are, we love you, howard. if you're planning to head around town, you're not going to love this because there's construction causing all of the slow traffic on the southbound side of 295 after eastern avenue and because of that, it's slowing things down. it's late clearing construction along the right side of the
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road. let's go a little further south on the northbound side of i-95. you can see all the yellow. it's slowing down woodbridge to the occoquan river. let's go to 395 closer to the 14th street bridge leaving shirlington. that still looks good heading for the bridge spanning. back over to -- bridge span. back over to the maps. the beltway looks pretty good. slowing down just a bit at new hampshire avenue. no issues on 270. we'll end with live look on the beltway at connecticut avenue. i'll be back with more coming up at 6:11. back to you guys. >> thanks a lot. a former chief psychiatrist at the f.b.i. is now battling d.c. government efforts banning him from prescribing narcotics to patients he says need them. >> dr. alen salerian will be making an appeal to the d.c. health department because he says his patients are dying. 9news reporter surae chinn is live in d.c. outside the licensing board with more on the drama that just keeps
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unfolding. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this doctor says he just wants to help his patients with debilitating pain. but he says he hasn't been able to ever since a former employee broke into his office. he says this person stole prescription pads, forged his name and started selling them up and down the east coast for 20 bucks a piece. he says one of these bogus prescriptions resulted in one death and the government officials blaming him now. d.c. police confirmed the burglary. the pain doctor is appealing to the d.c. license board for his license to prescribe class two prescription drugs. he says his patients are dying because the d.c. government won't allow him to prescribe the medicine they need. >> it's been a nightmarish experience because i'm being falsely accused of having murdered and having killed a young man. >> reporter: repeated calls to
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the d.c. health department went unanswered, but we do know that dr. salerian will be heading before the d.c. licensing board at 1:00 this afternoon here on north capitol street. back to both of you. >> surae chinn reporting live from northwest. while you were sleeping police found a car belonging to a man they say shot three people at a gas station in northeast d.c. last night. they have the car but they are still looking for the shooter. the victims, a woman and two men. they were innocent bystanders at this bp station on benning road. the shooter got into an argument with the station clerk, went to his car, grabbed a gun and began shooting. all three victims are expected to survive. a teenager already behind bars accused of murder is facing another murder charge. the charles county sheriff says the couple was out walking
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their dog when mebane shot them with an automatic weapon. the suspect was already in jail charged with the murder of a cab driver when investigators de the connection it the two cases. d.c. police arrested mebane and his juvenile girlfriend friday and charged them with the murder of mohammad quadar. last week the driver was shot in the head and left beside his burning cab. mebane is being charged as an adult. 6:04 now. the general petraeus plot thickens. defense secretary leon panetta is cautioning against people concluding that the u.s. commander in afghanistan general john allen, the one who replaced mr. petraeus, that he is guilty of misconduct based on the allegations that are under investigation right now. >> what started as an extramarital affair involving petraeus has evolved into a drama of intrigue and access with many wondering what's next. >> reporter: was it really just friday when we found out about the affair between the very much married now former c.i.a.
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director david petraeus and this woman, the also very much married biographer paula broadwell. you may know the affair came to light after this woman, 37-year- old married tampa mom jill kelley complained to a friend, an f.b.i. agent. that would be this person here that she was receiving threatening e-mails reportedly from broadwell launching an investigation. and that blue the lid on this -- blew the lid on this. general john allen, the top commander in afghanistan, the man who took petraeus's place is now being investigated. seems when the f.b.i. was looking into those e-mails, they also found 20,000 to 30,000 pages back and forth between jill kelley and allen. some say they're potentially inappropriate, maybe crossing the line. some say eastern a dear or sweetheart, there was nothing going o. in another twist, remember the f.b.i. agent, the one that started looking into the threatening e- mails? he's apparently now being investigated for sending
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shirtless pictures via e-mail over to kelley. he's now off the case. this is jill kelley's twin sister. what does she have to do with it? she's going through a nasty custody battle right now and allegedly both petraeus and allen both wrote letters on her behalf. full circle back to broadwell. f.b.i. agents did a search of her north carolina home with her okay and took eight to ten boxes with them. she's not talking and neither is petraeus but her father is. he told "the new york daily news" there's more. quote, this is about something else entirely and the truth will come out. there's a lot more that is going to come out. what that is i'm sure we'll find out soon. in northwest d.c., debra alfarone, 9news now. >> what's more? right now 6:06. jessica doyle is watching your money. she has another report for us. >> are you hot? >> i don't know. >> because you have the hottest deals going for christmas.
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>> check this out. look at that transition. all right. we're going to start this way. check him out. what do you get the person who has everything? a gift card of course. gift cards have yet again topped the list of the most wanted gifts this year by the biggest margin ever if you can believe that. americans are expected to ring up billions in gift card purchases the next few weeks but buyer beware. the fees attached to the cards have gotten a little trickier. with so many types of gift cards to choose from, it pays to read the fine print. despite new protections on fees and terms from the card act of 2009, a new survey shows consumers still need to be aware of what they're buying. bank rate looked at 63 gift cards, eight issued by banks and credit card companies, 55 from retailers and restaurants. cards you can use everywhere, the so-called general use gift cards were far more likely to have fees attached. purchase fees ranging from $2.95 all the way up to $6.95.
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enactivity fees could eat up $3 a month after the first year. the trade-off, though, you're buying more freedom. >> that's the biggest advantage of one of the general purpose gift cards is the flexibility it gives the person you give a gift card too the store branded gift cards you have to use at the chain or brand so it limits it but there are fewer fees that come with those kids. >> reporter: two-thirds said they would replace lost or stolen cards but some require you register the card or have a receipt. >> you should look on the back of the gift card to find out what they need to do to protect they will selves. >> reporter: 95% of the cards surveyed did not have an expiration date. there's another all purpose gift to keep in mind with no expiration date: cold hard cash. >> oh, yeah. >> we're rolling them out. even with all the fees, the gift cards are more popularren ever. the national retail federation find six in ten shoppers want to get a gift card.
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here are some other hot gift ideas for you. nearly half would like clothing or books, cds, dvds, videos or video gapes. >> the -- video games. >> the gift card to let me pick my own clothing. >> make it rain, baby. >> make it rain. >> thank you, jess. oh, my goodness. when we return, we want to get a little more serious and bring light to a pressing issue. >> hundreds of children are out there waiting to find a permanent and loving home while they're in foster care. >> up next, national adoption day. we'll be back.
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gldz howard here with your weather first. a cold morning. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. going to be a nice, sunny but chilly dai. 47 by -- day. 47 by noon. driving home still clear and 47. how, here's what it looks like on -- howards are here's what it looks like on the inbound side of 66. pretty typical this time of the morning. the pace improves till you get to route 50 and 123. more traffic coming up at 6:18. >> thanks, monika. each year tens of thousands of children turn 18 without ever having a family of their own. one mother experienced this firsthand so she and her husband who was adopted opened their home and hearts to four brothers. >> i grew up in the foster care system. i never got adopted and i was separated from my brother and
6:13 am
sister when i grew up. so when we went on the adoption journey, we -- i knew that i wanted siblings. we were both in agreement that we wanted siblings. it was very important for me to keep a family together. >> saturday is national adoption day. joining me this morning is kathleen, itself executive director of the congressional coalition on adoption institution. thank you for being here with us. i talked to the dunns. they'ren incredible family. it's very rare that someone would take in siblings, especially four boys. how serious is the problem? what do you hope to accomplish with national adoption day? >> sure. it's a problem actually that i think we have the ability to solve. we have over 100,000 children from foster care who are awaiting today to find a family of their own. we purposely picked the saturday before thanksgiving because it's a special time of year for our country where we think about the importance of our families and the time we
6:14 am
get together to celebrate that. >> as i said the dunns are incredible but what are some of the misconceptions about adopting from foster care that stops people from opening their homes? >> first of all i think people think they have to be some sort of super human hero. the fact is they have to be able to be a loving parent. a lot of people who have gone through the process and become empty nesters, that's a perfect situation or a single woman who hasn't yet found mr. right. these are the homes where children can find a loving and wonderful place to grow. so one of the things you don't have to be perfect to be the perfect parent. >> if you'd like to get more information about being this human being who just wants to open their heart and homes to children in need, what should they do? >> one of the great things about d.c. is the freddie mac foundation has an adoption expo on december 1. they invite people from the area to come and learn more about adoption. that's one of the ways or they can visit the adoption day website. >> that website we have on our website at
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it's this coming saturday. if you can open your heart and your home to a child in foster care. a pleasure meeting you. >> thank you. >> mike, howard? >> thanks, andrea. weather is here now. i enjoy autumn, my favorite season of the year. it sure feels like it now. >> chilly, brink, frosty this morning. -- brisk, frosty this morning. a lot of frost on the pumpkin so to speak. it's going to be one of those bright, brisk days with highs in the upper 40s and low as. as you head toward the bus stop this morning, grab a heavy jacket with temperatures in the 20s and 30s. thankfully the winds are fairly light and sunrise not for a little while. maybe another half-hour or so. we have this cool looking sky in the east. expect sunny skies all day long. 47 by noon. by 3:00 49. i think we could manage to get up to 51 which is where we snuck up to yesterday afternoon. 46 at 6:00. the official high yesterday was 65. that happened right after midnight. this morning we're down to 30 in ashburn and also in centreville. it is 33 in bethesda.
6:16 am
fort belvoir you're below freezing at 41 with 29 in -- at 31 with 29 in bowie. another beautiful picture here. a little pink on the eastern horizon behind the capitol. that's a pretty city. a windchill of 31 at national and north, northeasterly wind at 8 miles an hour. front from yesterday, there it is. it's off shore. so behind it we had some high pressure building in. it's clear and cold. these clouds that you see, high thin ones moving through indianapolis and over toward areas like champagne, illinois, that's going to be coming in for tonight and tomorrow. so today will be really a very sunny day. then we'll watch some clouds moving our way and with this system coming across the country, in the carolinas, some moisture from the gulf and atlantic will build. tomorrow we'll watch the rains passing well to our south coming out of georgia into south and north carolina by tomorrow morning. a few of the clouds will blow up north on top of us. these should be generally high thin clouds. we'll go partly sunny tomorrow.
6:17 am
temperatures not that much different from today or friday or saturday. low 50s, maybe mid-50s by saturday. so looking at the forecast then, we've got temps today only about 51. it will abbright, sun -- to be a bright, sunny dry day. some upper 20s. clear to partly cloudy. tomorrow partly sunny, 52. friday a mix of sun and clouds, 53. saturday looks like partly sunny and 55. questions for sunday, pond and tuesday -- monday and tuesday with a possible coastal storm should it develop it will be closer to the coast and will be rainier than what i'm showing. right now we'll keep a chance of a shower in with highs around 50. a couple of issues have popped up around town now. good morning, everybody. if you're planning to head on the southbound side of 295, that construction after eastern avenue was cleared but left slow traffic. if you're planning to head southbound on 270 near route 80, you want to watch out for the accident activity here on the shoulder but causing delays
6:18 am
i'd say about 16 miles an hour as you travel that stretch toward route 80 and a little further down. let's go back over to a live picture right now. first of all if you're planning to head here on the beltway at connecticut avenue, everything is final. back over to the maps -- is fine. back over to the maps on the northbound side of 95, a disabled vehicle at ie qai ya hash owe eaquia harbor. back with more in a few minutes. it is 6:18. time for another look at our question of the morning. what word did most married couples use to describe their spouse? is it a, understanding, b, stubborn or c, forgetful? we keep talking to women. men, what do you think? >> ronda jones says i'm going with b because it can be so true in some cases. >> we'll have more of your responses and the correct answer in 30 minutes. men, we want to hear what you think. >> if you answer the question of the day correctly on our
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facebook page, you'll be entered to a sweepstakes for four tickets to "les miserables." every day we'll randomly draw a man. it's coming to the national theater next month. you have the chance to win four tickets. stay with 9news. we'll be right back. i' enakg muivam foyes.enumier
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welcome back. 6:22. your weather fir. it's a cold, -- first. it's a cold, clear morning out there. just a few clouds on the horizon. i want to show you this. nice pictures once again behind the capitol dome this wednesday morning. you'll need the jacket. 47 by noon. so sunglasses as well. high of 51. by 6:00 we're back down in the mid-40s with more 20s and 30s overnight tonight. michael? >> thank you, howard. 6:22 now. democrat nancy pelosi today will announce whether or not she will continue in her role as house minority leader or possibly step down. she has asked female democrats in the house, including some
6:23 am
incoming freshmen, to join her at a news conference. she became the first woman to ever lead a party caucus in the house or the senate. after the 2006 mid-term election, she became the first ever female speaker of itself house -- speaker of the house. making news at this hour, 6:23, the man who accused elmo puppeteer kevin clash of having sex with him when he was just 16 years old is now recanting his story. the man now in his early 20s says his sexual relationship with clash was adult and consensual. clash says, quote, he's relieved this painful allegation has been put to rest. this week sesame workshop announced clash was taking a leave of absence following the accusation. nearly two dozen area schools are possibly going to be closed. at a news conference d.c. school's chancellor kaya henderson released a list of 20 schools she thinks could be closed during the current school year. she says the schools were chosen because of low enrollment, percentage of the buildings that were actually
6:24 am
being used and the condition of those buildings. for a complete list of the schools that may possibly close, parent dos have a say on this as well as -- parents do have a say on this as well as they move forward, go to our website a local medical drama. this one is not on television. >> but it does involve an office break-in, stolen prescription pads, allegations after drug ring and forged signatures. we'll have that story. right now here's monika. >> a couple of long slow stretches. you're looking at a live picture from our sky 9 at route 28. this all begins out of manassas to centreville and then brake lights again as you leave route 50 toward 123. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back. [ harry umlaut ] here we go.
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we're back. this is the place you can always get your weather first. here's a view of one of our new cameras. a beautiful sunrise shot as we head into wednesday morning. >> the different shades of blue and pink there. very, very pretty. thank you for starting your wednesday with us. good morning. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. bundle up. temperatures in the 30s. close to freezing in some places. howard bernstein live on the weather terrace with the jacket and gloves. >> thankfully the winds are fairly light. it is a cold morning, a frosty
6:29 am
morning but thankfully it will be a nice, sunny day. here's a look at another beautiful picture for you. looking east toward the capitol dome with a little pink in the background this morning. still about 20 minutes or so from sunrise. we will have a sunny day. by noon 47. 5:00 47 with a high around 51 degrees in d.c. that happens about 2:00, 2:30 i believe and sunset at 4:55. the clouds are well east of us with the showers off shore. we've seen a few clouds come down out of pennsylvania to northern maryland, western maryland, parts of the northern shenandoah valley. for the most part it's clear and cold with 27 luray. 25 petersburg. even a few upper teens out of the mountains of west virginia and here in d.c. 37 going up to about 51. i'll be back in a few minutes and show you the seven-day forecast through the weekend. right now we go to monika with timesaver traffic. if you're planning to head around town, no problems to report other than the slow traffic. you see all that red here on the southbound side of 295. this was earlier construction
6:30 am
near eastern avenue. it was cleared by left all of that slow traffic for you. so as you travel through cheverly and trying to get into the northeast corridor, be aware of that slowdown although the lanes are open. i'm going to zoom into the beltway north of town which i'm happy to say is actually kind of better than normal. on the outer loop slowing down right around new hampshire avenue. of course you're going to hit the brakes a time or two as you head for university boulevard. let's take a live look outside and show what you it looks like at connecticut avenue. it breaks loose toward 270 and the bethesda area. back to the maps this time to the other side of town. senior maryland, route 4, route 5, route 301 no issues to report. traveling through oxon hill to the wilson bridge you're fine. here's what it looks like in oxon hill. by the way in prince george's county, 34 rght street at -- 34th street at 1st street, watch out for that activity. i'm going to end with a pretty shot of downtown d.c. back to
6:31 am
you. >> thank you. time to toss it over to our partners at cbs this morning. gayle king is in new york. gee, gayle, i can't imagine what you guys are covering this morning. >> oh, one direction was in town the other night. madonna was here. we can talk about that or we could talk about the general. good morning to you, mike and andrea. senator john mccain will be with us today. we'll ask him about the petraeus sex scandal, the benghazi hearings and the possibility of susan rice becoming the next secretary of state. a lot of republicans want to hit the reset button. we'll hear from a group of romney supporters in virginia about his loss, the president and the future of the republican party. those stories and more when we see you at 7:00. mike and andrea, see you soon. >> have a good day, gayle. see you at the top of the hour. a former chief psychiatrist at the f.b.i. is fighting the d.c. government's ban against him. they want alen salerian to stop
6:32 am
writing prescriptions for powerful pain medications. >> he makes an appeal today to the d.c. health department. surae chinn is live with more. good morning, surae. >> reporter: good morning you to, andrea and mike. yeah, the doctor hasn't been able to prescribe or help his patients since april. that's when he was stripped of his ability to prescribe the class two narcotics since april as i mentioned, ever since a man he said was a former employee who broke into his office. the pain doctor says a former employee stole prescription pads and alleged they were forging his signature and selling it for 20 bucks each in a drug ring. one of those bogus prescriptions resulted in at least one death. saleria na appears before the d.c. health department licensing board to fight for his licensto prescribe. he prescribes pain medication less consendingtively than
6:33 am
other dock -- conservatively than other doctors. now he says his patients are dying because the d.c. government won't allow him to prescribe the medication they need. we talked with some of his patients. >> can't get up to go to the bathroom for fear of pain. >> the bad part about it is it's taken away my quality of life with my family. >> reporter: obviously his patients looking like they are suffering and some of those patients are expected to be here on north capitol street outside of the licensing board. today they're supposed to gather around noon. the doctor is expected to have his hearing at 1:00 today. back to you. >> thank you, surae chinn reporting live from northwest. good news for former d.c. council chairman kwame brown of sorts this morning. as long as he stays out of trouble, he won't spend time in jail for a campaign finance violation. a judge sentenced brown to 30 days in jail but suspended the sentence. earlier yesterday a federal
6:34 am
judge sentenced hito one day in custody followed by six months of home detention for lying on loan applications. he also has to complete 480 hours of community service. brown admitted to both crimes in june. a setback for prosecutors regarding the man called the east coast rapist. in a prince william county courtroom yesterday, suspect aaron thomas was expected to accept a plea deal. but when he appeared before the judge, he said he wasn't sure he knew what he was doing. so now it appears the case is headed for trial. thomas is charged with rape and abduction in an attack on three teenagers halloween night in 2009. the acting chief executive of the long island power authority is resigning. it's effective at the end ever the year -- of the year. it comes amid growing backlash from superstorm sandy. new york governor andrew cuomo announced plans to have a special commission investigate the utility company. a group of long island residents filed a class action lawsuit against the company for its response to the storm.
6:35 am
it's been two weeks since sandy hit and still 250,000 long island residents are waiting for their power to come back on. jessica doyle is back with your money report. >> higher taxes that could hit us all pretty hard. >> talks are continuing in wact to avoid the so-called fiscal live. it's a mix of tax increases and spending cuts that will take effect next year if lawmakers don't stop them. republicans and democrats have less than 50 days to come up with that agreement. today president obama will meet with top american c.e.o.s to get their thoughts. yesterday labor leaders went to the white house to discuss the tax increases and spending cuts set to take effect in the new year. if things don't change, tax cuts will expire in january. the tax policy center estimates the average household faces tax increases of $3500. let's look at a breakdown here. the tax policy center is estimating if we drop off the
6:36 am
fiscal cliff, taxes could get hiked by more than $500 billion next year, nearly 90% of americans would be facing more in taxes, mainly because of the expiration of a cut in social security taxes and many of the bush era tax cuts simply going away. low income households would pay more due to the expiration of tax credits in the 2009 stimulus. higher income households would be hit harder by higher tax rates on ordinary income, capital gains, and dividends as well as new health reform taxes. in the meantime americans don't have a lot of faith that congress will get the job done here. a new poll shows many americans think lawmakers are simply too far apart. they think the lame duck congress won't reach a deal. well, it sort of looks a little rough when you look at it from the outside but there seems to be rumblings of compromises if you look at the verbiage of how people's statements are coming out, that
6:37 am
there may be some way they change the write offs is one thing i've heard. >> one thing they've been talking about too, when you're talking about raising taxes on high income earners, the plan as it stands right now everybody earning over $250,000 individually a year, there's a lot of maybe bipartisan support gathering steam for raising that income threshold to a million dollars a year. the problem is that's not going to raise a lot of money because that's only 2% of americans. >> this isn't going to raise a lot of money anyhow. it's mostly symbolic that everybody is in there doing their part. >> there are big problems. the child tax credit will hit americans very hard. >> we usually talk about that a lot on mind over money. thank you. when we return, two local high schoolers are recognized by their community as a leader. >> meet the super teens coming up. plus, we also have a surprise for them. you don't want to miss it. stay here.
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it is 6:41 and 47 degrees.
6:42 am
-- 37 degrees. you have everything clear except to one area on the southbound side of 29 a after eastern avenue. -- 295 after eastern avenue. both on the bw parkway and route 50 trying to get through the area with the lanes open. heading to the northbound side of i-95 near dale city an accident blocks the right lane. let's take a live look at 395 near duke street. that's bunching up from duke to seminary road. the lanes here are at least open. if you're planning to head over to the other side of town, 95 coming in from baltimore, 29, 32 out of columbia, no problems to report here. 295 as you head for the beltway, you're fine and then again don't forget built delay inside the beltway on the bw parkway heading on to 295 where we had that earlier construction. let's take another live look outside. this time we're heading over to the beltway at connecticut avenue. the outer loop slowing down from 95 toward university boulevard. then it clears up at connecticut avenue. 270 is usual. going to be slow as you leave
6:43 am
frederick down toward 1 on 9 and 12 -- 1 on 09 and -- 109 and 121. let's look at our camera north on 95 looks okay once you're in the district here. all the potomac and anacostia river crossings are final. such a nice shot looking here into the downtown area. let's see if we can take another look maybe at our chart camera this time on the beltway south of town. here's what it looks like at route 210 for the wilson bridge. all of your southern maryland corridors are looking good as well. that's it for traffic. i'll be back at 6:58. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. as you can see, we can see now because the sun is coming up and here's -- we have a new camera. >> it overlooks the potomac. you can check it out. absolutely beautiful as the sun comes up over the horizon. remember a few days ago on the weekend we had 71, 72 degrees. but fall is here. if you peek outside, you're talking low to mid-30s. >> we're warm, 37 degrees but howard is here to tell us some
6:44 am
of our neighbors were in the 20s last night. >> even teens this morning in some -- this morning. some of our folks watching us out in west virginia, had an 18 called in. >> i forgot to say good morning to tiwanda. she was in the jurors office yesterday. i had to do jury duty. thank you. she commented on our diwali dancing. she was laughing but she loves us. >> you looked like you were dancing. i looked like i was being head up. i'll just put it that way. >> good morning to you and all the men and women in the juror office yesterday. >> our bus stop forecast is a cold one. generally 20s and 30s with sunrise in just a few minutes. so you need to bundle up. grab the shades because it is going to abbright, sunny day -- to be a bright, sunny day. temperatures climbing into the 40s and 50s. we'll get to about 51. some spots staying in the upper 40s. most of the day in the 40s. back to 48 after the 51-degree high. by 8:00 p.m. 43. cold this morning. we've got 20s in a few spots.
6:45 am
even upper teens locally. 37 in d.c. with 30 in gaithersburg. 40 thanks to the warmer waters right around the patuxent river naval air station. that's about the statement in annapolis. pretty sky to the east. sunrise in just a few minutes. 37 degrees. but it feels like 31. this is our michael & son weather camera we're checking out with a northeasterly wind at 8 miles an hour. the barometer 30.53. looking at the satellite and radar, here's yesterday morning's cold front way out in the atlantic of the over us clear skies and then the clouds you're seeing out here, a couple sprinkles and stuff, that will be with us tonight and tomorrow so skies will get partly cloudy tonight, partly sunny tomorrow. the forecast today we're looking at a temperature about 51. again some areas may stay in the 40s. north winds 10 miles an hour. tonight 36, partly cloudy skies. tomorrow 52, chilly. we may see a sprinkle south and east thursday night but friday a mix of sun and clouds, 53. the weekend looks a little better than yesterday. still okay saturday, 55 of the sunday and monday just depends
6:46 am
on exactly where that coastal storm ends up. if it's off shore, we're okay. if on shore we'll be colder and wetter. kids these days are involved in so many things but what does it become to -- does it take to become a leader? i'm joined by two students who know the answer to that. they have been named the youth of the year by the potomac chamber of commerce. congratulations, you two. we love this stuff. guess what? we have a very important message for you from some important people. >> jonathan, i am so excited and happy for you. you epitomize everything that's good about what you do today, your academics, your community service, your athletics, your caring. our' such a mentor and example for all of students here at bullis. we congratulate you on this outstanding award. >> lindsay.
6:47 am
we're excited now, so happy for you and proud of you. you deserve this honor to be potomac worth of the year, whether through your work with girl scouts, work with alzheimer's patients, particularly family members and on top of all of this, you're a funny person who always makes us laugh and feel better. way to go. >> i can attest to that, very funny and very accomplished. you've traveled the world on community service trips. tell us about the alzheimer's video they were referring to. >> well, basically my grandma had alzheimer's and my looking to connect with her on a different level, i figured anything i figured out to help me connect with her i could maybe use to help other kids. so i put together this youtube video, a ten-minute video about ways you can still communicate with a grandparent who can't communicate with you. interest what's it called? >> a teen's guide to alzheimer's. >> i love it. i've seen it. it's so well thought out to explain that situation you're
6:48 am
dealing with. jonathan, i know you're a scholar and athlete, a community service leader despite having survived a very serious car accident in middle school. >> definitely. i was in a coma for a week, in the hospital for three weeks afterward. that's why the reason i ended up at bullis and it's one of the best things that happened to me. >> tell me about the shoe drive. >> i wanted to find a way to give back to the community. i love shoes so i thought what way better to donate than through a shoe drive. >> they went where? >> it was donated to kids in dominican republic and haiti. >> that's fantastic. i know your mother. she works here. she's smiling ear to ear. i know your mom too. she's also here. very proud of you as all of us. we're waiting to see what you have in store for the future. >> definitely. >> you both are stars. congratulations. i will see you at your award ceremony tomorrow night as well. thank you for being here.
6:49 am
we're all applauding you. >> it's amazing because i told jonathan when he came in, i said gee, i remember when you were like yay big, might be this high. we remember when his baby sister was born. he's definitely part of the tv9 family. we congratulate him and lindsey, congratulations to you. >> what's the matter with these kids? nothing. let's look at the question of the day. andrea is enjoying this great moment. what word did most married couples use when they wanted to describe their spouse? is it a, understanding, b, stubborn or c, forgetful? >> i don't know whether they forget or not but the men did not participate at all. jamie kramer says c, forgetful. i can tell my husband time and time again things to do and schedules and he forgets. i'm pretty sure i do the same with things he tells me. the answer my wife would agree with is b, stubborn. i'm the chief stubborn person in my house. jess, over to you. >> you have some less miserable
6:50 am
tickets to -- "les miserables" tickets to give away. >> we forget about that. >> daily deals time. we're going to start off with am having your -- having your thanksgiving dinner covered. it's offering the butter ball professional series indoor electric turkey fryer 99.99 saving you almost 80 bucks or 44%. shipping for free with free supersaver shipping. reached out to me with a daily deal for the lady in your life. wrap up a bulova diamonds watch. it is now just $59. it's 73% off. we're going to end with a deal that helps others. living social has partnered with the marine toys for tots foundation. if you make a $5 donation, the charity will get $10 through toys 'r' us, living social, and other corporate partners. the money is used to buy toys for children in need. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant
6:51 am
with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. this is 9news now.
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6:54 am
6:54. your weather first. grab a jacket and sunglasses. it's cold this morning. 20s in spots. 47 by noon with a high later on about 51. clear at 5:00 and 47. andrea? >> thank you, howard. we begin with some breaking news before you go. no, here we go. dr. alen salerian is fighting efforts by the d.c. government to ban him from prescribing class two narcotics. these are drugs he says is necessary for the well-being of his patients. he appears at an administrative hearing at the d.c. department later today. live pictures from sky 9
6:55 am
now. we're following breaking news out. anne arundel county. rescuers rush to a shooting scene near the wal-mart in maryland city. they found a man with a gunshot wound. they've taken him to the hospital with a serious injury. we just learned that that wound is not considered life- threatening. so far we have no information about a possible suspect or a motive. >> it might impact traffic in the area of route 198 and the bw parkway. this is in the laurel city area so you might want to keep that in mind as you get ready to head out the door. >> of course monika is going to have updates on that throughout the rest of the morning as well. our time 16:55. >> one more -- is 6:55. >> one more check of traffic and weather right after this. [ ma aouer do gslvessrents
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
e te tng wr theaif ts. aufuunras. we wh gaop yo ts,nda--vm ps do gslvess keunras ftndmoh jt veay efcte otti. aufurelt ♪ th'shyew vety +ar ipd eamose urheancoitns toelke clseldene antohay ft nedo sle ce ipd eamose beerty thugbeerar welcome back. 6:58. cold, 20s and 30s. slow climb by saturday. could be a sprinkle thursday
6:59 am
night and a couple of questions still about sunday and monday. we'll watch it. a shooting near a wal-mart super center. this is the activity you're seeing. it's in the parking lot, not affecting route 198 so traffic wise it's not affecting anything. just keep that in mind. let's go over to a live picture at 270. this looks better than normal coming down from 121. as for wall street, we're actually looking a little higher today. some optimism ahead of some economic reports that are coming out this morning. cbs this morning is next. they'll have senator john mccain talking about what else, the petraeus scandal. howard and i will be back in just 125 minutes with a live update -- just 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. >> get your updates on news, weather and traffic by visiting us at happy wednesday. see you back here tomorrow at 4:25. take care, everybody.

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